How to get Cited in Major Media as an Expert in Your Field

NBC-CBS-abc-FOX-250x250Some of the considerations to keep in mind when using social media and press release to establish your brand authority are:

1. Your design should set your brand apart.

2. Find out who your customers are using social media.

3. Enhance your social media and press release campaign with statistics.

4. Build a great network.

5. Craft unique social media and press release campaign.

6. Being a professional brand means going the extra mile.

7. Videos are an excellent way to brand your brand authority.

8. Graphics are the way to go.

9. Photos are just plain essential.

10. Write as much as you can.

Achieving all of these objectives can be very time consuming and expensive. If you want to save yourself a lot of frustration and money, here is a complete done for you service. We can help you brand yourself as an authority in your niche for long-term surefire success. That’s the payoff for one time investment. Once you are a cited author you can use the media logos ‘As Seen On’ and you’ll be perceived as a trusted authority in your niche. These citations appear on the media networks website and are 100 percent legitimate.

But there is a question “Why Get Cited on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX?” Answer is “These are major media citations. Once cited, you have the ability to use “As seen on” in conjunction with the network logos on all of your marketing materials.”There are so many uses for the media authority. You could use it in your

1. Linked in profile

2. Facebook profile

3. Websites

4. Brochures

5. Advertisement

6. Business Cards

7. Newsletters

8. Store front etc.